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Thread: jbl d280 8 inches driver data

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    jbl d280 8 inches driver data

    Hi everyone ,

    I am looking to get some info on the JBL D280 8 inches speaker .
    I can not find any in fo on these other than that they were used in the L57 carnival enclosure. Somones stated that they are JBL 208 with white membrane . I have been able to find spec that indicate that they would have frequency response of 60Hz to 1700 Hz ??? Seems short to me !Anyone has more complete data on these , Thiel & Small parameters ? .

    Thank you in advance .

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    THE D280

    The D280 is designed to work in a much smaller enclosure than the D208 or D216. The D208 needs about 2.5 cf with a 4" port, where as the D280 can proform in about 1 cf sealed or ported. More exact information, I do not have, but I will do some more checking.

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    what they look like

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