I'm a noob with the following Synthesis product in my home theater:

(2) S3M (main channels)
(1) S3HC (center channel)
(2) S2A (surround)
(2) S2S (passive subs) Each unit house 1 136HS driver


I also use a JBL EON 15 powered monitor for band practice (we're just a bunch of old friends having some fun...nothing serious!)
We use a small mixer ----> EON for vocals, backing tracks (via pc itunes) and ocassionally electric bass guitar straight into the mixer.
We run the system loud enough to compete with the drum set (we use ear plugs!)

I have considered adding the S2S's to the PA system to reinforce the bass response. An amp and crossover would be added to drive them.

Will the 136HS "consumer" drivers in the S2S be able to "cope" with the stress of live sound reinforcement?