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    Question Jbl2397

    I am wondering about the response of the 2397 couple with the JBL2450.
    In the datasheet of the horn 2397 jbl is using the 2440 compression driver that does not reproduce frequencies above 12Khz (10Khz).
    I am thinking about westlake and their use of a similar horn with a 1" compression.

    Have people seen response curves with 2" 2450 (2445) or TAD4001 on the 2397?

    Can the 2397 reproduce above 18KHz and keep a good dispersion?
    Can it be used from 800hz to 18Khz?
    Should I used a tweeter above 10Khz (2403, 2404, 2405) ?

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    Talking Please comments

    I was hoping to get some help from sastified or unhappy users of the 2397 horns


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    I have used the 2397 with two drivers.

    First I used it with an LE85 and a 2235 hoping for a simple two way crossed over at 800 Hz. I did not like it.

    Next I used it with a 2441 hoping that with a bit of EQ I could use it as a two way. It was much better but I wasn't happy with the added distortion of the Rane ME30.

    Next I used it without EQ and added a 2405. Better still.

    I currently am using it with a 2202 crossed at 1200 Hz and the 2405 ala the 4355 set up and it is the best yet.

    I will be CNCing some copies of the 2397 in the near future, if I could get accurate data of the Westlake version it would be interesting to machine both and compare them. From what Oldmics was saying on the other thread, I am wondering about a possible difference in the throat. I suppose the shape at the end of the bell could be the sole contributor to the difference between the Westlake and the JBL, but I think the throat area may require a look as well. The version that I will machine will be thick like the Westlake, this may also be a contribution.

    If anyone has data on the Westlake horn or other pertinent data on this subject please post it. If anyone is interested in a hardwood version of the Westlake/2397 send me a PM.

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    2397 reproduction

    Mr widget,

    Can you please describe the process for the CNCing of new 2397?
    Can you price an extra pair for me?
    Will you reproduce the vans inside the throat?
    What wood will you be using?
    I will go for an exta 3" on top and bottom of flare as per recommendation from the 2397 datasheet.


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    The process of CNCing a horn is as follows:

    1). Acquire the 3D dimensional Data from the horn to be copied. This can be done with a laser scanner, mechanically or a combination.

    2). Build a digital 3D model of the horn.

    3). Program the CNC router to cut out the various parts of the horn. Depending on the design of the horn it could be one part or many.

    4). Put the wood to be machined on the bed of the router and let the saw dust fly.

    5). After repeating for each of the desired parts, (Top, Bottom, Sides, Vanes etc.) You take your parts hand sand them and assemble a horn.

    It is not magic, it's a bunch of work, but the results are flawless. I have been meaning to do this for some time. Unfortunately work and procrastination have been getting in the way.

    Oldmics has been kind enough to offer to let me borrow one of his Westlake horns. I will hopefully get around to producing both and doing some comparisons.

    As far as which wood etc. anything is possible, but as far as giving a quote, I don't think this is the appropriate place to conduct business. Perhaps if it isn't too much of a pain and I do a short run of these I may post them in the marketplace area.

    Send me a PM and I would be happy to discuss details.

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