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    I have a new pair of 2123H's that could be used.

    Lets get the group organized and get this started.

    Where is everyone located?

    Perhaps a conference call could be setup? Or we could use Roger Wilco and talk live to each other over the web. This would be cheaper?

    Bo, as per Don's wishes, how would you like to take on the documentation of this endeavor?

    Widget, do you have time to take on the construction? I know there are others who share the talent as well.

    As far as design, lets have some volunteers.

    Mike has expressed interest in the accounting.

    Download and install this:

    I am at ip address

    Lets try to use this so we can all chat live. If you are running a firewall, this may not work without adjusting your settings.

    If this does not work we could try MIRC and setup a JBL chat room.

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