Seeing some of the really great threads lately has gotten me to thinking; if you recollect, our esteemed webmaster isn't listening to JBL's himself at this point, other than perhaps his computer speakers!
Let's dream up a reasonable speaker for him, debate the various components and crossovers. In addition, I'm thinking that between us, we inventory our stock and see if we can't come up with all the drivers and parts to donate, after seeing who has what components.
We "design" online in the thread, pick out the box design and driver complement etc., and then choose someone to build it (chip in to cover cabinet materials expense). Everyone ships him their components or dough, or perhaps the box builder ships the cabs on to someone else for the final install/testing!!??
Then we ship this baby to Don to enjoy, and as thanks for helping disseminate lots of good info. Whaddaya think, guys?
Two way, three way, four way?? 4430 type? Something using the 2123J's still on the website? Horns, no horns???
Scour the closets, it could be fun!
Any interest??