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Thread: Best JBL L-Series Grille Cloth Replacement

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    Best JBL L-Series Grille Cloth Replacement

    I saw Zilch's blue grille cloth thread and have been searching other threads for replacement cloth for about an hour or so and am coming up with more questions than I am getting satisfaction.

    Questions / comments:

    1. I need the brown cloth to replace models such as L96, L40, L50...

    2. I heard that PartsExpress's cloth is not the best...

    3. On they state "...We sell top quality speaker grill cloth in black, brown, gray, beige, and white. This open weave grill cloth is almost 100% acoustically transparent..." ...ALMOST 100%!! Is the stuff JBL used 100%??

    4. Does the source that Zilch used carry the brown color? ...what is the source?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Sansui 1000A, Sansui BA-F1, AU-D11II, TU-9900, AU-717, IB Sub, JBL L96,
    7070, Boston A70, AU-9900, 717, 771, 881, B-2101

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    I have little doubt my source can make brown.

    HOWEVER, the minimum order is, uhmmm, "prohibitive."

    Only nothing is 100% transparent.

    [L-Series looks good in JBL Monitor Blue. THAT, I can help you with.... ]

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    The Speaker Works stuff is very similar to the actual JBL material. It is slightly lighter in weight and is a bit more visually transparent. No grille is best, but for driver protection and to dress up a system it is often a necessary evil.


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    I'm interested in your findings, as I'm considering replacing the mildew-damaged blue on my 4333s with a match for my L46's brown, hopefully for higher WAF (trying to get 2 x 4333s and 5 x L46s into the living room- wish me luck). Please post your results as you go, if you don't mind...

    By the way, we've also used at my office, I don't have personal experience, though.



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    Steve Gonzales


    I found the original Cloth that Zilch sells for this site and for him too. And while researching different cloths, found some great Camel/biege and some good dark brown to here locally. I think you will be satisfied. I have a small amount left of the dark and plenty of the Camel. It is real speaker grill cloth, send me a PM

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    Tan Grille Cloth

    Steve: your profile is not accepting private messages.

    Do you have any more of the tan cloth? Thanks Ed

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    Hi Zekeman

    Here is another source for grill cloth is:
    I’m not sure if this company has exactly what you are looking for.
    But if you fill out their information request form, then they will send you some small 1” x 3” samples of all of their fabrics. Their “Mellotone” Stretch Fabrics looks to be very similar to what is available from


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    Hello Zekeman, check this site out. 45 colors 97-98%
    transparency. Excellent cloth, just got some gunmetal and granite. Ordering
    some forest green next. Not cheap but its quality is excellent. I have a
    account with them. Hope this helps you

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    Thread makes me curious.

    I can recall on ocassions going into local fabric/sewing supply stores which are in any major metro area and being able to examine and even obtain samples cheaply of numerous fabrics in many colors or even patterns which seemed quite suitable for fabric grilles. Even the stretchy polyester types" which looked to me to be identical with what the manfrs are using.

    Wouldn't this be the easiest and most suitable way to obtain grille fabric? Is there something UNsuitable about such?

    Just curious.

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