Hey guys, I recently refurbed some 4675's and 4670's that came out of an old theater and I'm really enjoying them. However I need some idea's for what to use on the back wall for rear center duty in a 7.1 setup.

The theater supply house that I bought these from also has several 4647's with 4670 hf sections that I can get pretty cheap. I'm thinking about just gutting and building the components into smaller wall mountable speakers. Maybe run the 15's in a small sealed(and stuffed) cabinent with the horn on top. I'm not looking for much low-end...just good output down to the 80hz or so x-over point.

More than anything i want them to have a similar tone to the other speakers.

I had Klipsch rs-7's as rear centers for a little while but they just sounded too different and were easy to localize. I've considered 8340a's but I'm afraid they'll end up like the rs-7's and not blend well enough tonally.

Any ideas...opinions...suggestions?