I have given up with dipole and bipolar loudspeakers, and have decided to do it right, and right around the room with a multi-array of JBL control 1ís, but just for the surround array, I have planes to place at least 3 to 4 on each side wall and around 8 on the back wall.

The back wall configuration will be somewhat complicated, with 4 JBL control 1ís wired for centre back surround, and the other 4 wired for playback of stereo surrounds only, that is I will use one stereo amplifier in A mode to run the sidewall surrounds, and B mode to run the remaining 4 surrounds that are placed on the back wall.

So with manual switching of the surround formatting mode for (centre back surround) will have the centre back surround running the other set of 4 JBL control 1ís, this is rather difficulty to put into words, but the diagram is very easy to draw, but putting this into words is not as easy as I thought it would be.

There is another issue, the impedance or resistance the JBL control 1ís are rated at 4Ω, now if I where to wire the JBL control 1ís in series and with x4 for each side wall, what will the resistance value be for them?

Now the stereo amplifier that I will be running them with is the Marantz 1030, a rather old amplifier, and still running fine, the impedance on the Marantz 1030 is rated from 4 Ω to 16 Ω, so I have to get the wiring configuration correct hare.

Thank You