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Thread: JBL 2404 2nd & 3rd harmonic distortion graph

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    Question JBL 2404 2nd & 3rd harmonic distortion graph

    I am trying to find a graph showing the 2nd & 3rd harmonic distortion levels throughout their operating frequency range of the JBL 2404. Does anyone know where I can find this? I called JBL and they said they don't have this information. I want to compare it to the Beyma cp21f to see if it would be a viable alternative to the 2404 in a high end speaker project I am working on, since the 2404 is no longer available new.

    Thanks, Kerry

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    If you send Zilch a PM I'd bet he would run those curves for you.

    However if you are after a tweeter for a "high end speaker project" you need to buy both and actually try them out. You can always sell the pair that comes in second place. Looking at the frequency response and distortion curves is not going to tell you which device sounds better. The curves may hint at the answer, but actually playing music through them is the only way that you will ever know which sounds best. There is simply no substitute for actually using the device.

    I personally am not crazy about the 2404. Not knowing your design, it isn't possible to make any recommendations, but there are many tweeters that I like better. As far as the Beyma is concerned, I have no experience with it.


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    Question Who is Zilch? I am new to "Lansing Heritage"

    Who is Zilch and how do I contact him? The speaker system I am building is a prototype for my Dj system and must also be able to handle live band abuse. I will be running double 18's for the subs, either JBL 2242's or Belisle TR 18B-2000 powered with 4000 watts, double 15's, possibly JBL 2226's powered with 4000 watts, double 8 inch Beyma 8MI100's powered with 1000 watts, a single Radian 850PB 2" exit horn driver with a 90x40 degree CD horn lense powered with 250 watts (A very excellent sounding driver), and one or more tweeters. I have tried eminence apt 150, 100x50 degree tweeters which didn't cut it. I tested 4 aurum cantus G3si ribbon tweeters, which are the best sounding tweeters I have heard in my life (which is 47 years of listening). After listening to them, nothing will ever be as good, but they can't produce a high enough output unless I spend at least $4000 on tweeters. I also tried the fountek NEO pro5i ribbon/planar, but I didn't like the sound of it. I love the sound of "true" ribbons, but they just can't handle it, so I'm forced to resort back to conventional tweeters. Jbl and Beyma are the only ones I have found that fit the bill. I already have $1800 tied up in tweeters, so any information and input I can get before buying any more will be appreciated.

    Thanks, Kerry

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    Hello Kerry

    That will get you there

    Send him a PM/Private Message. He has a CLIO set-up so if he has the drivers on hand he can measure it at a watt or so. I can as well but the 2nd and 3rds going to go up in your application. I have 3 2404's on hand so if he can't I can do some low power measurements as well.


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    See CBT4, or, in your case, CBT3, here:

    Spend $100 to try a single.

    PM me for details....

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