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Thread: L65 (Jubal) DIY

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    L65 (Jubal) DIY

    I'm thinking of a L65 DIY. I'd like to re-cabinet my L65Bs in order to:
    1) get the woofers away from the floor without using stands;
    2) get rid of the ugly endtable design;
    3) change the shape of the speakers slightly, making them taller.

    Has anyone done something like this?
    Any suggestions?

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    I considered upgrading my L65's (my inquiries here were lost with a previous incarnation of the forums). I eventually decided to skip it, but you may choose to go ahead.

    -I do suggest you keep the same baffle width if you like the present tonality of your speakers.

    -If the internal volume of your new enclosure is larger you will need to know what it is and tune it appropriately for your woofers to restore bass alignment. You will also be altering the upper bass and midrange performance (not for the better) by putting the woofer in a larger enclosure.

    -The change in the upper bass and lower midrange (efficiency and transient response) may make the present crossover alignment of the woofer and midrange less than optimum. When I had my L65A's I had the midrange control turned almost all the way down.

    -In short, the compromises in this speaker have been arrived at by very smart and experienced people working in a well-equipped lab. When you begin with alterations you will no doubt develop a great deal of respect for their accomplishments before you are done.


    Addendum: I liked the style of the Jubals. The final version of my plans for this speaker was to pull the 12" and put in a 10" of the LE10 family and set the speaker up on a subwoofer.

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    I would most certainly go about this in a very proper manner.
    First, I would not alter the original volume of the enclosure in order to maintain the original bass tuning.
    I would give it a symmetrical design (as done in some JBL monitors like the 4312 A/B). This should enhance the stereo imaging.
    Maybe a good idea is making the whole thing bi-wirable.
    Another idea I'm considering is to adopt a non-rectangular footprint...

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    If you build the enclosure taller and narrower...keep enough space under neath to mount the crossover outside of the woofer cavity to minimize vibration.
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