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Thread: L65 Woofer??

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    L65 Woofer??


    I have a JBL L 65 (see attachment)
    I have researched this site and found out lots of information on L65:

    Jubals (126a woofer),
    L65a (122a woofer),
    L65b (128h woofer)

    I have some confusing about the woofer colour. It is original from JBL ? if yes it may be which model?
    ** i try to open the speaker to check before!
    Rusting on screw surface cannot do it! >.<

    other photo's of my speakers...
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    Those look like 128H woofers. Those would be replacements. All of the original woofers that had the aquaplas had it on the back of the cone. The L65B had a 129H not the 128. The 129H looks like this.

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    All I can offer is mine came with the light/medium grey woofers originally, like the last embedded image, and when they were rebuilt due to foam deterioration they came back with darker material and with a purple ting.


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