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Thread: Speaker surround Glue advice

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    Speaker surround Glue advice

    I have a pair of B&W's that are 20 years old that have rubber surrounds. I was told by our local speaker repair shop that a silicone will work well if I put it on using very little. Does anyoen here have any experience with rubber surrounds?



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    I don't like using silicone on drivers. Not a very strong adhesive, and is a near-absolute impossibility to remove, if needed. Also, silicone will make it IMPOSSIBLE to use any other glue, since NOTHING will stick to silicone, once it's applied.

    I'd be more inclined to use something like automotive weatherstrip adhesive... made to glue rubber, and won't preclude using other glues if it doesn't work. I can testify, to this stuff working well for this purpose... just be careful to NOT get it where you don't want it.


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    I have a slight, slight little damage to the edge foam surround on one of my JBL control 5’s, now "ICI silicone" will work, the cost of it was £1.99, it’s rather messy affair, but it must be done very carefully, and only spread it around the damaged area only! And hare is a site to buy repair kits.

    I have added a few links hare mate; I hope you can repair it!

    Good luck. y_Code=AIII+SP
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