I have this new reconed 2231A on the shelf, which I thought, would be nice to put to use instead.

I can get my hands on a 148 Litre (internal volume) box, for a good price, so I was playing around with "SpeakerShop Enclosure" and finally decided on a (Vb1) 105/(Vb2) 39 L split (heavy fill), which gave a slight peak at 20 Hz.

The problem is, I don't know how to if/how to save the graph as a picture to show here, so I was wondering if anyone would like to double check for me, if there are any problems with my intentions to add a little extra bass boost on the lowest octaves and if so, why?

My speakers use 2235H, 2123H and 2441 with 2450 diaphragms. The 2235 and 2123 are overlapping up to 1000Hz, in a 2.5 MTM hybrid kind of configuration.

Presently I have to EQ the lowest octaves a bit, so therefore I thought of adding a sub to fill the slight drop below 80Hz, using what I already have.

Grateful for any help, comments and suggestions.