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Thread: 2446 or 2447

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    2446 or 2447

    Please advice me. pros/cons ?
    I have found both of them available here in Sweden.
    I want them mostly for outdoor use...
    Best Regards
    Kjell Lundewall

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    What horns are you planning on using? The 2446 is 2" and the 2447 is 1.5".


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    Quote Originally Posted by johnaec
    What horns are you planning on using? The 2446 is 2" and the 2447 is 1.5".

    2446 has the 120° 2382A
    And the 2447 has the 2352 90°


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    Many people like the sound of a 1.5 inch exit driver over a two inch.
    The 1.5 exits right at the phase plug into the horn instead of having a couple of inches of throat lengh. The 2446 and 2447 are the same driver only the 2446 has a nose/throat that takes the 1.5 exit up to a 2 inch exit. The JBL 2450 and 2451 are the same way. For what it's worth most companies that offer both 2 and 1.5 inch drivers are the same driver bodies with a added throat that goes up to the 2 inch exit.

    Mike Caldwell

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    Thanx, more advice please...
    Prefered for Outdoor party ? or indoor HiFi ?

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    The smaller exit, otherwise identical drivers have a bit more HF extension due to fewer cancellations in the horn throat before entering the horn itself.

    Read all about it here:
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