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Thread: Veneering Questions

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    Veneering Questions

    Okay, I did a search and have been reading up on re-veneering. I just bought a pair or 4333a's. I just got a 4' x 8' sheet of walnut, 10 mil paper-backed veneer from Oakwood. The question is, should I use the titebond/iron method or contact cement? I am an accomplished woodworker, but not much of a veneer guy and want to do it right the 1st time.

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    If you're going to re-veneer existing cabinets you should use wood glue and heat. You will have exposed edges and although any edge will show upon close inspection, the edge using contact cement will be more evident.

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    I think you will be fine either way. In my experience there are fewer variables using water based contact cement. It is just an even coat of glue and pressure. With titebond you also need to worry about proper heat and shrinkage. I haven't had problems with visible seams either way.

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