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  1. My Dad's JBL's

    I think Simply Speakers also carries the D8R075. Personally, I'll stick with the original diaphragms. I'm upstairs, but can still hear jazz violin coming up from the first floor. And yes, Simply...
  2. My Dad's JBL's

    Thank you. Good to know... The speakers have been in my family for about 64 years. I plan to leave them alone and enjoy them as long as we can. I have a local speaker repair guy who used to work...
  3. My Dad's JBL's & ring radiator diaphragms

    For years I wanted speakers like Dadís JBLís. One day I inherited them. They are C38 cabinets with D131 woofers (flatbacks), 075 tweeters, and N2400 crossovers. They are all original and sound...
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    Speaker buzz/Grill removal

    I have a pair of JBL C38 cabinets with D131 woofers, 075 tweeters, and N2400 crossovers. There is an occasional buzz coming from, I believe, one of the D131's. It sounds like it originates near the...
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