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  1. Artwoods, 100 Oxford Street, 1983, Edsel England, ED 107, Mono

    What marvellous song title A8: "I'm looking for a saxophonist doubling French horn wearing size 37 boots". Art Wood is also a humorist as his brother Ron is"!
  2. Shawn Elliott, Shame and scandal in the family, 1965, Roulette France, VR 195007

    "...but your daddy don't know". Complicated family affairs in Trinidad.
  3. Loudon Wainwright III, Album III, 1972, CBS USA, C 31462

    Some kind of strange humor: "Dead Skunk" A1. Not funny: the burnt Gibson Guitar "Red Guitar" A2! Kate is right when she says "You are a fool..."!
  4. The genius and the policemen

    Booklet of "People, Hell & Angels" LP: look at these two policemen on the left side of the foto. They had the big chance to sit in the first row. Hey, they are sitting. On chairs!!! Comfortable. Look...
  5. The Scaffold, "Lily The Pink", 1968

    Fooling around in the studio (as usual) for this 1968 No.1 charts hit (in various European countries): The Scaffold (including Paul McCartney's brother Mike McGear) plus Graham Nash, Elton John...
  6. Mike McGear, Same, 1974, WB Germany, WB 56 051

    Plenty of humor on this album by Paul McCartney's brother. As cover artwork shows: Mike is going to break his familial chains. So Paul assigned some bread crumbs to his brother Mike McGear. As member...
  7. Eric Burdon, 'Til Your River Runs Dry, 2013, ABKCO USA, 8906-1

    Interview. Eric says: he was not the WALRUS, he was the EGGMAN!
  8. Kinks, Lola, 1970, Pye France, 15336

    The classic one! "...and so is Lola..."
  9. True or not true?

    Not true: this accident happened at seven o'clock on a cold and grey Monday morning in Alsdorf, Germany in 1987. Peter and Monika worked at the vinyl pressing machine No.3. That morning they both...
  10. Family, Entertainment, 1969, Reprise England, K 44069

    Does humor belong in cover art? Look at the cover art by Alan Aldridge. Look at the cover art by William S. Harvey of The Door's 1967 "Strange Days". About the music of Family's Entertainment:...
  11. Dread Zeppelin, Un-Led-Ed, 1990, IRS England, EIRSA 1042

    The best cover versions ever done with Zeppelin songs? Much fun in these sad times.
  12. Roy Wood, Introducing Eddie And The Falcons, 1974, UA USA, UALA 219G

    All songs written by Roy Wood, but you know them well from the 50ies and 60ies. Look here:
  13. Buddy Guy, Born To Play Guitar, 2015, RCA EU, 203 371, 2LP

    Hungry musicians:
  14. Haindling, Muh, 1988, Polydor Germany, 837 810-1
  15. Ronnie Urini, Bats, 1987, Coma Austria, COMA 001

    It is not...
  16. Leon Redbone, No Regrets, 1988, Sugar Hill, SH 3761
  17. The Scaffold, Singles A's & B's, 1982, See For Miles England, CM 114
  18. 10cc, Live And Let Live, 1977, Mercury Holland, 6641 714, 2LP
  19. Captain Lockheed And The Starfighters, Same, 1974, UA England, UAG 29507
  20. Humor?

    Does humor belong in rap/crap-music?
  21. Look here

    Look here:
    Gruss aus der Schweiz
  22. Jürgen Fritz

    Apparently Jürgen Fritz outlived all his dudes after so many Russian Roulettes. But this was his last Triumvirat record. Triumvirat? In fact this was a solo LP. Old loves die hard...
  23. Triumvirat. Russian Roulette, 1980, Harvest Germany, 1C064-45834

    Anybody needs a toothpick? Enjoy your meal!
  24. Meat Loaf, Paradise by the dashboard light, 1977

    The duet by Meat Loaf with Ellen Foley in "Paradise by the dashboard light" is big funny cinema. The expulsion from paradise. Girl: Will you love me forever? Boy: Let me sleep on it. Girl: Before we...
  25. Jefferson Airplane, The Worst Of, 1970, RCA Germany, NL 83661

    The worst of JA? Or the crown of creation?
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