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  1. JBL Gasket for LE-14 C for refoam/diaphram

    Hello, I'm in the process of refoam ing a old pair of LE-14 C's that I picked up in a sale. The cones have been redone in white and one has had the Lansoloy gasket replaced by foam. I got the other...
  2. Any clue where to get 617-8a diaphrams? Installation?

    Hello, I've got an EXCELLANT pair of 617-8a's but 1 needs a diaphram for the HF. ANYONE KNOW WHERE one can be bought? Also, I haven't hooked them up to a speaker can or system as of yet but was...
  3. Altec 19s with a twist ! Crossover help, with advise???

    Hello guys, been awhile.. Been sick. But now I think I'm back.... A Got a couple questions. I picked up a pair of "Frankenteens". By that I have a pair of Nineteens with the...
  4. Replies

    JBL LE14C drivers

    hello, I'm a bit new here, I used to come here a lot but forgot all my prior info. Anyway I love the forum.. And a HUGE FAN of JBL, Altecs, and so on... I have a Pair of JBL LE14Cs, I want to...
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