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  1. Vintage (1949) Altec 800 Speaker and its N-800-D Crossover Questions

    Hi -- I am getting ready to hook up my McIntosh MC-30 and Mono tube preamp to the all original
    Altec 800 movie theater speaker (with wings and all original components) that I have.

    I need help...
  2. Altec A2 or A4 -- Complete -- Wanted; prefer in the Los Angeles area

    I'd like to buy one or a pair of Altec A2 or A4 theater speaker(s). I prefer in original condition complete with the "wings". Thanks! Eric
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    Tube Amplifier Recommendation for VOTT ?

    Hi -- does anyone have a mono tube amplifier recommendation, for a VOTT / Altec 800? I'm thinking of a McIntosh MC75. But I'm wondering how good the old Altec theatre amps, like the 255A, would be....
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