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    Finally I went Triamp!

    triamp is really amazing I just put caps for protection and wow what a difference it made so much clarity! I crossed at 800 and 8500@24db with the new 3Rd Gen sublime crossover. it's great at the...
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    L300 crossover biamp with sub active

    Hello I have original L300 with nelson pass xo but only for the highs. for the sub I am active. I have 2 amps. I have 2 outputs on my preamp!
    1 output goes to active crossover that has a 24db...
  3. JBL L300 with Nelson Pass for highs and Active 136A sub

    What I am using is the nelson pass passive xo for mid le85 and 077 tweeter and an electronic crossover for the 136a for sub. MY electronic crossover is a tdm sledgehammer 24cx-2 which is a...
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