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  1. Having a tough time making mind up on the 590 or my L7.

    A shout out to the 590 owners out there. Could you advise how the 590 changes after a good break in period. Iíve been doing a/b tests against my L7. Both produce fine low end but the L7 has a sweeter...
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    Canít wait for the truck delivering my pair

    I missed the last sale. When I complained, the Harmon support folks said they couldnít help, but gave me a 20% code. It was very kind of them. So I wander back to Harmon site this week and the 50%...
  3. Pulled the trigger

    I missed the last sale, and I chatted with their support about missing the sale price. They would give me the sale price, so they sent me a 20% off code to use on Harmon. So I go to Harmon, put two...
  4. Two 590 in the cart for $1k..but the 580 is 55% off

    Does the 580 give up a ton to the 590? I think itís a somewhat safe investment for this price. Any one out there heard them both? I like my 530 well enough
  5. Finally have an answer

    After spending some quality time with RBH Sound engineering chief Rich, he believes this sub was part of a specifically tuned system. This crossover actually tunes the sub back a bit so it doesnít...
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    Planning a listen off, old vs the new kid

    Wife went out of town for the week. I finally get to settle in to the recliner and run some frequency sweeps and sound comparisons between my fav bookshelfís the L1, L20T3, RBH reference and my new...
  7. 88338 you can see where the speaker...


    you can see where the speaker connections are in this pic. I clipped the wires to reuse. The red and black attached to terminal cup.
  8. Photo 88337

    Photo 88337
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    My 530 pair are really tough to drive. They...

    My 530 pair are really tough to drive. They didnít sound good until I put them on a 250 wpc Rotel amp.
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    530 hard to drive???

    I just received my 530 pair yesterday. Caught them on a good sale from JBL. My first listen was powered by a Hafler XL-280. Sounded thin, overly bright. Hmm. Put them in my bedroom system thatís...
  11. Strange object found inside a Harmon Citation 7.4 sub

    I was working a bit on the internal dampening material in two passive subs. I was surprised to find what looks like crossover inside. It had a bit of a strange configuration. Not sure what all of...
  12. Finally ordered a JBL 530. Any comparison to be made with my L1, L20T3??

    Ordered this just for fun. Been a while, curious more than anything and it was on sale. Iíve spent many years with the L-46, L20t, L20t3 and my fav, the L1. Never had the chance with an 18TI. If...
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    Replaced the awful plastic base in the L7

    Fun project getting the plastic bases removed and replaced with 8829588296a beautiful set of heavy steel spiking kits courtesy of my friends at RBH Sound in Layton UT. They rummaged around and found...
  14. Happy new L7 ownerÖ..sorta

    Confession time. I had a chance to pick up a pair of L7 last week. for a great price. Iíve waited for years for a shot at a clean pair. I inspected the drivers all good. Take them home and set them...
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    My speaker yoga figured the 708g-1

    I ran this issue past my woofer repair guy in Utah. Heís worked on JBL 40+ years. Matt at Utah Reconing (801-419-3099). He ordered the surrounds listed for this woofer but they had an awful fit....
  16. Im the only one that has them cause mamma said...

    Im the only one that has them cause mamma said Iím special. My bad
  17. Looking for someone that knows the designers of the L1/2/3/5 & 7.

    What Iím trying to find out is, who were the cooks in the kitchen so to speak with this series. I believe this was the last series to be US designed and, US made back in the 90ís. I would think, that...
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    same issue here. I have my L7 front, L3 rear. I...

    same issue here. I have my L7 front, L3 rear. I tried taking a pair of L1 laying end to end, wired in parallel ( I think, mix that up). It works very well, but their not as efficient as my RBH...
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    Harmon Citation 7.4 passive sub

    My LE14h-1 drivers are back from repair. While bulking up the minimal dampening material, I discovered that this passive sub has a crossover installed. The manual states there is no crossover. Iíve...
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    Question to inventors using JBL drivers

    Hey folks, hope your all safe....

    ive put a very nice little surround system with blond JBL L80T3 up front, matching L20T3 for rear and a Citation 7.4 sub. But what to do for a center channel? I...
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    I have something useful to add. I picked up a...

    I have something useful to add. I picked up a beautiful pair of JBL L100T that had the crossovers reworked by duaneage. He put them to the t3 speck and a few other bits of wizardry. When I compared...
  22. Looking for info/opinions on Crestron CNAMPX-200Wx7

    I recently purchased a massive block of umph for my systems. I use Lexicon and Rotel audio preamps. My prior power was from my mint Nakamichi PA-1 five channel amp. This amp is actually made by ATI...
  23. I use a local guy here in UT thatís worked on JBL...

    I use a local guy here in UT thatís worked on JBL for 40+ years as well as dozens of other brands. He even rebuilds rare car speakers and old radio etc. He researches every driver and gets the...
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    Oh to dream a dream...(lucky $&#&)

    Oh to dream a dream...(lucky $&#&)
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    Iíve read a review of the L100T (seemed very...

    Iíve read a review of the L100T (seemed very detailed) that stated it was remarkably flat 20Hz-20KHz +-3.5db. Your space has more to do with low end, but it was an interesting review.
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