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    DSP crossovers and Phono Stages?

    DSP crossovers and Phono Stages, share your thoughts....

    It's a big compromise to the phono signal?
  2. Hey guys let me ask you, This days I was...

    Hey guys let me ask you,

    This days I was thinking about the possibility of use a tube integrated with pre-out on my active tri-amp project, in order to power the mids and highs.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts friends, really...

    Thanks for your thoughts friends, really appreciate.

    Well.. I think will go for what seams logical to me, about the crossovers choice, the Accuphase one appears to e very straight forward, they...
  4. My first active multi amp project, choices for electronic crossovers, advices please.

    Greetings to all music lovers and audio enthusiasts out there, I'm new on the Forum, looking forward to start to contribute, share the experience about the assemble process of my first active system,...
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