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    Bertha Butt Boogie!

    They were:
    Betty Butt
    Bella Butt
    Beth-Sheeba Butt!!!

    ...they called it the Bertha Butt Boogie...
    No question!
  2. Glued-on wedges are correct, except on very early version.

    Glued-on wedges is the factory method of attachment. :yes: The exploded diagram doesn't reveal this detail, as the 2405 horn is an assembled part.
    The outer horn is actually an 075/2402 machined...
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    Ebay auction with details and pictures

    There are some Compact Monitor Systems (CMS Brand) 3-way monitors for sale on the bay right now. The seller states that the 2450CF (F? Typo?) are special-built for CMS by JBL, and that they can be...
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    OK... but you need to re-read my post and keep in...

    OK... but you need to re-read my post and keep in mind that you're not in a production company or service situation where you have to get the amp in and out of service and back on the road on the...
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    I feel your pain... however, considering their...

    I feel your pain... however, considering their age, the nickel plating hasn't done too poorly, has it?

    I'd guess it is tin plated instead of nickel but I :dont-know:

    If you have the gold...
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    Contact cleanup tips & tricks

    On low-voltage contact points, oxidation can produce a "diode effect" that can make for a nasty sound quality due to the fact that the oxidized surface is resistant to current flow below a certain...
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    Vintage Crest amps too!

    Crest Audio was started by former BGW employees, and a brought a lot of the same thinking into their amp designs, like their 'overbuilt' power supplies.

    Your suggestions really apply to all cable...
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    Use yer noggin...

    :wtf:Why don't you use the mic with the DriveRack's built-in 1/3-octave measurement graph function?

    That's what it's made for!!!

    This ain't rocket science, but it might take all of 5 minutes...
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    C'mon fellas!

    This ain't rocket science...

    Ever heard of cardboard spacer gaskets? They're made for ALL sizes of speakers, ~1/4" to 3/4" thick, have relief notches for bolt holes, cut into 4 pieces with a...
  10. Thanks Mitch. I posted this thread 4 years ago...

    Thanks Mitch.

    I posted this thread 4 years ago while helping a customer with butchered-up SRX715's restore them to order. At the time he elected to save $200 with used 2432H instead of used 2431H....
  11. no comparison... to 2435H

    2435H is a whole other animal... no comparison there.

    Certainly no comparison to ANY 2" drivers...
  12. 2432H data, or comparisons to other JBL 3" or 4" compression drivers?

  13. Don wanted to know cone weight, etc. to compare...

    Don wanted to know cone weight, etc. to compare to recone parts from McKenzie

    Oddly, both of my JBL C8R2226 kits complete with dust caps weigh 102.5g
    The official JBL T/S Parameters...
  14. 2245H cone assy weight/mms spec

    Don, your post prompted me to pull out my salvaged 2245 cone assemblies to weigh them. All three have the rotted foam removed, but the dust cap, tinsel leads, and spiders are intact but stretched...
  15. Greater moving mass could be the culprit

    It seems to me that a higher mms figure, such as what a copper coil substituted for the aluminum coil would undoubtedly contribute, would result in a higher mechanical resonance... which in turn...
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    I still have one of the 5234A's in line to my...

    I still have one of the 5234A's in line to my subwoofer, with an 80Hz crossover card to cut the rest out. The 6dB peaking EQ/subsonic filter is hard to do without once you use it. They can be...
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    What I said...

    IF it had flanges...:blink:
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    Ah... the good old days...

    In the 1980's retired NFL QB Ken Stabler bought a C&W dance bar in NW Houston named "Diamondback". It had huge bass horns in the corners of the dance area loaded with FIVE 15" cone drivers stacked...
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    IIRC, The 2360 provides full loading and pattern...

    IIRC, The 2360 provides full loading and pattern control to 350Hz.
    They're big, but they do sound very good. If it had flanges near the mouth so that it could be mounted in a cabinet, I'd probably...
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    One step below VGC 2206/2226/2241

    Those are either MR835 (2118H mid, 2416H HF) or MR935 (M209-8 mid, 2418H HF and "Sonic Guard" light-bulb power limiters for HF ckt)
    Networks are different, matched to the drivers they have.
  21. Nice little score!

    Do those have the AlNiCo magnet woofer in them? If so, be careful powering them with that 6290. Get a little too happy with the levels and you'll start demagging the AlniCo.

    Speaking of 6290, I...
  22. re: CCBREQ cards

    Not sure, I'm in Houston the 523x crossover stuff is in Vegas. I have one 5235, two or three 5234A, a 5234 and a 5233A, and more than a dozen cards. I know I have a pair of 80Hz cards. I'm fairly...
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    At the frequency range you're covering, the 2386...

    At the frequency range you're covering, the 2386 (and any similarly-sized horn) will have much wider coverage area than its' 40*x20* spec. See my earlier post. Better yet- look at the spec sheet...
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    Judging by that picture that horn is smaller than...

    Judging by that picture that horn is smaller than the 2386.
    The 2386 Specification sheet is available on the JBL website, with plenty of good data. It may also be posted on this site.

  25. JBL 2x15 cinema cabinets available

    Do you have the woofer cabinets yet? If not, let me know- I'll be driving through Phoenix with my enclosed trailer in the near future.

    Anyone else looking for the 2x15 JBL cinema cabinets- I have...
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