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  1. An Apology - When Disaster Strikes The JBL SE401 Protection Circuit Fails To Act

    After I restored my SE401 as I previously described, it worked.

    Then, I put a short across the output terminals on Ch B with no input signal. I found out that when the "protection circuit...
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    You May Already Have These, But Here They Are

    These were readily available - good luck.85870
  3. THANK YOU I'm Not Certain Who Would Want A JBL SE401 That Was Actually Something Else

    I appreciate your suggestion. THANK YOU.

    I already have several 'vintage' amplifiers that work reasonably to very well. So, I don't really need another one.

    My objective was to 'restore' this...
  4. The Schematic

    I attach my latest revision of the schematic. I have been working on the color coding of the wires - truly a 'rainbow' - not done yet. Ch B wires have white stripes on them. I also took a lot...
  5. Long Term Germanium Issues - 'Whiskers'

    I have been 'warned' that the NTE 121s, even if they are purportedly 'new out of the box', may have leakage problems. To insure functionality, I would need to replace at least an entire four...
  6. Which Transformer - There Are 3? - This Is Not A Transformer Problem

    You said "One channel works". Apparently, your "tech at my local audio repair" failed to tell you that the power transformer is good if any channel works.

    Since "the other is low output and...
  7. Replacing 2N2147 Germanium Power Transistors In A JBL SE401 Transducer Energizer

    Punch Line First: I am starting this thread to elicit input from interested members, if there are any, about the 'best' option for replacing and/or updating output transistors on vintage Germanium...
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    One Problem Leads To Another?

    I paid an "Authorized JBL Pro Repair Center" to "fix" the same problem in one of my 6260s. They recapped the low voltage supply. The amp ran "back to normal" through the warranty period. Then, it...
  9. 36 Inch Big Smith Horns Custom Made To Order

    I have a project where large slabs of hardwood would be a big boost. If you are willing to discuss it with me, even if you are not interested, please respond by email to Thank you....
  10. Thread: RCA diaphragm

    by NVGrampy

    Replacement Cone?

    Could you post a photo of the cone? I need a replacement cone for an LC1A and, if I get lucky, this might be a winner. Thanks. Les Orr 702 994 7266

    Here are the descriptions:
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    M2 Compared With Everest?

    Like you, I was fortunate to have been given a demo in Northridge (with a lot of help from my friends). I had the opportunity to spend a reasonable amount of time with the M2 system and found it to...
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