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  1. Aftermarket or not! I'm still curious..

    Well now I know "how sweet it is" I would like to keep it [2440]. I have some D16R2451-SL diaphragms coming just for the occasion! Dog box to suit!!

    I have also been thinking about the MF...
  2. Thread: My 4430 project

    by DogBox

    Electrician by Trade?

    Hi Kay,
    That is some impressive work! Really nice wiring! and Layout!
    I am thinking you don't have a Soldering Iron? Would be a great investment and practice heaps before you move onto your ...
  3. Update

    Hopefully these come through ok..
  4. 4343 Revival!

    Hi Ian,
    It seems I must have scoured this 'site' pretty well.. I have read and re-read those posts many times. Strangely enough, I never get sick of it! :eek:
    Oh, and by-the-way, that drawing.. I...
  5. 4343 Nitty Gritty! At Last..

    Hi Ian,

    Glad to be finally in conversation! I have gotten to the crossover stage some time back as I have been listening to a going concern for some time. I made up
    a 3143 crossover as per the...
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    Love Stainless Steel!

    Beautiful fabrication, Lee! ​(I could use one myself!)
  7. Wot? No Plans...???

    :blink: Seems like I am not the only one who struggle's...and such a Beautiful Restoration! The many measurements that could have been taken...:banghead: ah well.
  8. No-one like the 4343?

    Hi Earl,

    And ThankYou! for your response. Yes, I had thought about doing the 4344 instead of but that seemed not what I had my heart set upon..:(

    Even the 4345 [and before reality sunk home,...
  9. 4343 References Thread - Any Drawings/Plans/Assembly with Dimensions To Add?

    In the Lansing Product Technical Help (one of my favorite sections!) under 4343 References Thread Heather said:" Please note - I have just begun this thread and have a LOT left to add ..." back in...
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    Maybe in THAT usage..?

    Maybe its role in another 43xx speaker/monitor and no one has used it instead of..the 2122/2123 in one of those builds: 4343/4345..

    Is the 2251 a "slot in" for either of the more well known 10"??...
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    Tech Sheet

    I wish they would say more but often they are very useful - Tech Manuals :

    Places that sell carpet are also good for...
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    How can they go "SO" close - even making their own certificates! - this just CANNOT be legal..???

    But what 'can' be done?

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    The Quest Goes On...

    Hi All,

    Seems as though L-Pads in 16 ohm impedance with a '1" Shaft' are as hard to find as obsolete JBL Recones! So builders of 43xx systems, "What are you using

    for your L-Pads" in your...
  14. Thread: 2235 Surround

    by DogBox

    No Screws?

    Hi Vahe,

    Is there any reason why you didn't also have 'screws' holding the drivers in? :blink: Trying to hold "any" of the 2235/2202 while everything is vertical is making work for

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    So,... I thought you would have used "Scandanavian Teak Oil"??? :p Sorry, I couldn't resist that!!! :D

    Wow! What a wonderful build! I am Soooo envious! I still haven't got boxes for all my...
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    Talent to good Use!

    Yeah, but at least you get to be 'good' at it! :applaud:

    [had quite a few in my time too. I hate Loctite!]

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    Love 'EM!

    Yum! You bet! They look just like the one's I've got...still.(!) Finally going to get around to doing them and putting them into
    my set-up instead of the... ahem, aftermarket ones (2122) I got...
  18. In Cabaret Series

    Old thread but...

    The JBL 4628B 3 - Way used a 2118H as a Mid-driver. The 4628 was for Keyboards/Reinforcement..

    With the 15" E145,...
  19. Grey Boxes.. Teak Boxes 4343 embellishment!

    Ding Ding,

    Is this how your boxes started life..[or, something like!] ?

    Shows no 'trim' at the front - flat front edges.

    As against...
  20. How Much..? That looks about right!

    The amount you've got there [even going by your pictures] looks about right. What you may be forgetting is that the lens on the front of the baffle sticks out
    2 1/2" in front of the 2307 when it's...
  21. Thread: Which JBL 15"

    by DogBox

    15 or 12.. (?)

    I think you had better re-think your Question... you will find the E-145 is a 15" driver. Also becoming a rare commodity...[?]

    I would have a look at some of the Previous Threads written on HT to...
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    2035 Specs.

    Did a Google search myself and found the PDF on the 4638 speaker quite informative...

    Then further down the list was this [which you...
  23. Calc's...

    Hey DingDing, Coming along nicely!

    As I had to deal with metric/imperial in my trade, it was easy enough just to remember if you had metric, say 22mm : 22 / 25.4 = Answer in thousandths of an...
  24. What a Man!

    :applaud:Bless You! man, Bless You!

    Weird things like: How far up does that front baffle that you can't remove [leave it there!] come & sizes of the removeable one,...sizes of bracing used, - so...
  25. Opportunity

    Hey DingDing, Nice work on the restore!

    I haven't been as fortunate as you as I [(?)still?] haven't "got" boxes as I figured after all the "measurements" I had - it still wasn't enough...

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