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  1. Thread: jbl 2409h

    by rudy sesztak

    jbl 2409h

    Does any member have a spec sheet& frequency response chart for the jbl 2409h driver? Where can you buy and whats the price? Thanks -Rudy
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    use the better 077 instead of 075

    In my opinion,the JBL 077 is better than the075. The LE5 mid range goes out to 7000hz. I would use crossover frequency's of 1500,and 7000at 12db an octave. I hope some other members on this...
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    improve 4430.

    Try to find a used JBL 077 tweeter. A great tweeter. In my opinion, better than any Fostex tweeter.-RUDY
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    Dayton 12" waveguide horn.

    Has anyone tried a Dayton 12" waveguide horn on an Altec or JBL compression driver at a crossover frequency about 1500hz? How did it sound compared to JBL&ALTEC horns?
  5. Altec 9846

    If you can't find plans,all you have to do ,is build a 5 cubic ft sealed cabinet for the Altec 411-8a woofer. Altec says that is the recommended optimum size for the 411-8a woofer-RUDY
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    jbl 077

    The JBL077 is fantastic, might be as good ,as the much more expensive JBL Be tweeters.They are more efficient to. Many people on this forum love the 077.- RUDY
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    Jbl best 12"

    In my opion the Jbl D123(98db efficient) has great sound and is the best, except for being a little weak in the extreme low end.I'm sure some other members on this forum will disagree with me -RUDY
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    Improving the sound of the JBL D123.

    I put the D123 in an open back cabinet.It sounds much better than in a ducted port cabinet. No boxy muddy sound. It has the open airy sound of an open baffle system, but with more bass. You still...
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    close to a C 35.

    Jbl once had a C 35 cabinet. It was the same width,and depth,as your cabinets,but 8" higher. Don't know of any other old JBL cabinets near the size of yours.-RUDY
  10. I agree!!

    I agree with SEAWOLF97. The guys of stereophile are full of crap!!- RUDY
  11. Why do some people like low powered tube amps???

    Stereophile just tested a $10k 10watt tube amp.They claim it sounds so musical and great. It has 4% distortion at 10 watts( bad).How can a tube amp with a lot of distortion sound like the real...
  12. 800 hz crossover

    A 800hz high pass filter for 807-8a- A 18 MFD capacitor in series,and a 2.2 mh coil across it.- RUDY
  13. Altec crossovers

    Altec used a N801-8a crossover with that driver in some of there old systems. A 1209-8a 1200hz crossover can be used ( the 811b horn sounds better at 1200 hz).Check on line,and you will find...
  14. 807-8a driver

    the 807 driver has a symbiotik voice coil diaphragm assembly. it handles more power, but the high end response is poor. there are newer voice coil assemblys with better highs,or you can add a super...
  15. Add a JBL 077,or 2405 from 7k up.

    The Altec 808 drivers have a Symbiotik voice coil diaphragm assembly, that handle more power, but have dull high end. They start to roll-off at 8-10k. Try to find used Jbl 077's or 2405's- RUDY
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    Add JBL 077 tweeters

    Hi brian, I own JBL d123's. When equalized,they can sound great,except the high end. They roll off at 7k about 12 db an octive. Try to find a pair of great JBL 077 or 2405 tweeters, use them from 7k...
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    Jbl d130

    Try using the d 130 full range and use a JBL 077 from 7 khz up , and equalize= GREAT SOUND- RUDY
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    What is the F 3??

    If 1 jbl d123 in a sealed 4 cubic ft cabinet gives a F 3 of 60 hz. What would the F 3 be, if you put 2 d123's in the same sealed cabint??- RUDY
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    correct duct size??

    I use 2 jbl d123's mounted side by side used from approx 50hz to 7khz without a crossover( that can cause problems) they roll off approx 12 db an octive above 7 khz. jbl 077's go above 7khz. the 2...
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    improving the jbl 4311!

    a friend of mine mounted jbl 077 tweeters in the 4311's in place of the ( piece of crap) tweeters that were used in the 4311. he changed the crossovers for a 7 khz roll-off on the le-5 mids, and a...
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    the 077 is just great!!

    The 077 has great horizontal dispersion which contributes to it's great state of the art sound. In my opion it's just the best horn tweeter, no matter what kind of a horn, other tweeters use.- RUDY
  22. Solen Polypropylene Caps

    Hi, I'm very happy with the sound of Solen Caps on my 7kc xover, that I use with my JBL 077 tweeters.You can get them from Madisound for less than $5.00 a piece for the N-7000. Mundorf caps are a...
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    How much more bass from 2 JBL D123's?

    I'm using 1 JBL D123 on a 3/4" open baffle board 24" high by 36" wide with a 077 tweeter 7 KC up. It sounds GREAT!! But the low end is weak.If I would put another D123 on the same board mounted next...
  24. Home built system?

    It looks like a home built system,using Stephens Trusonic woofers,and mid range. The tweeter has to be an EV t35,or a Klipsch tweeter,that was made for them by EV. I hope this information helps.-...
  25. port size for 7.5 cubic ft cabinet

    Hi Jay, I have some old Altec literature.With a 416 type woofer in a 7.5 cubic ft,regular port cabinet, the port size should be 42 sq in. If you want a much better extreme high end response, try...
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