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  1. Yes, driving them with 300Bs

    Thanks for your input. I suppose it's a matter of familiarity, experience and expectation.
    I listen to my 4430s primarily in the near field at volumes typically less than 75dB. So I'm still...
  2. JBL 4430 vs. EV Sentry III - Opinions? Experience?

    Greetings all -
    Been a while since I posted here.
    Here's today's situation. A pair of EV Sentry IIIs has popped up locally. Not a screaming deal - $1,750.
    My question is how these might compare...
  3. Thanks - another question


    Thank you very much for all the information you provided. Very helpful.

    When my buddy picked up these speakers for me the seller connected them to a 9V battery as some kind of test. I'm...
  4. Altec 418B for hi-fi - any good? Open Baffle? Onken style cabinet?

    Greetings all,

    I recently picked up a pair of Altec 418B 15 inch "full range" drivers for an affordable price. From everything I've read they sound like great speakers for an electric guitar...
  5. Thanks and thanks for your help.

    Thanks and thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks all for educating and helping me understand this whole project.

    But I am pulling the plug.

    Why? What was it someone said? "Biting off more than I can chew...?" Yes, I think that's where I was headed.

    Frankly, my spirit is feeling much more at peace with...
  7. And here's the listening room

    Yes, I know the room is a mess. It's a working writing studio.
    See if I can get these photos to load properly.8903589036
  8. No, they're originals

    Sorry for the 90 degree tilt. First picture I've uploaded here, and I obviously don't know what I'm doing.
  9. Good questions. Will check, but I think I'm good...

    Woofers are 2225H rec-coned by someone who knows what he's doing with the correct kits to 2235H.
    All drivers are said to be working properly. Will check them at next opportunity.
    Regarding the...
  10. The thread continues to be Golden

    So. There's a refurbished JBL M552 crossover on the 'bay for over ~$400

    Might one of the new, current production crossovers, like the JBL 223XS, the 234S or 234XS work? They're cheaper than the...
  11. Frankly, I'm in awe of you all

    Geez. Where to start. So much useful information and well-written technical explanation. I'm blown away by your willingness to guide and educate me.

    I have been wondering if I've bit off more than...
  12. This: Right? This is pretty much what I...


    Right? This is pretty much what I was thinking. And I was able to read the factory brochure for the first time last week. It does not say an external crossover is required. It does say...
  13. Dun't vorry about zat.

    Don't stop commenting and sharing your thoughts. I've found them thought provoking and stimulating.
  14. Where to start with my thanks for all the comments?

    Gentlemen - I feel like the ideas I've written below are scattered and unfocused. Please accept my apologies in advance. I don't mean to be frustrating and will try to be more systematic in my future...
  15. Need help to understand power requirements for 4355 and use of external crossovers

    Realizing how little I actually know is turning out to be kind of fun. I have many more questions than answers and every time I learn something new the list of questions only seems to get longer. :D...
  16. Project update - Still evaluating the lay of the land

    Thanks to all who have posted on this thread. It's helpful.

    I have learned that the cabinets still retain their correct crossovers. Don't know yet about the various bits of mounting hardware,...
  17. JBL 4350/4355 Project - Help Urgently Needed - Many questions

    Thanks, in advance, for any information, guidance or help anyone can provide here. I have the opportunity to take on a project to put together a pair of 4350s or 4355s, but need some information to...
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