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  1. THANK YOU I'm Not Certain Who Would Want A JBL SE401 That Was Actually Something Else

    I appreciate your suggestion. THANK YOU.

    I already have several 'vintage' amplifiers that work reasonably to very well. So, I don't really need another one.

    My objective was to 'restore' this...
  2. The Schematic

    I attach my latest revision of the schematic. I have been working on the color coding of the wires - truly a 'rainbow' - not done yet. Ch B wires have white stripes on them. I also took a lot...
  3. Long Term Germanium Issues - 'Whiskers'

    I have been 'warned' that the NTE 121s, even if they are purportedly 'new out of the box', may have leakage problems. To insure functionality, I would need to replace at least an entire four...
  4. Replacing 2N2147 Germanium Power Transistors In A JBL SE401 Transducer Energizer

    Punch Line First: I am starting this thread to elicit input from interested members, if there are any, about the 'best' option for replacing and/or updating output transistors on vintage Germanium...
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