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Titanium Dome
03-03-2006, 09:01 PM
For some reason I got an email a month ago from CompUSA with an offer to join eMusic for a one month trial. If I did I'd get 100 MP3 downloads free.

So I did and I did. I'm about to pull the plug before the monthly subscription kicks in. Apparently, if I "Tell a Freind" by supplying friends' emails and they join, I can get more free MP3s, but I don't intend to stay and I'm not into the hassle of putting myself and others out for something like that.

However, if you want some free MP3s, you can get a free trial yourself by going here:


You'll only get 50 free downloads instead of 100, but what the hey. It seems like an OK service, but selection is limited and it's not as easy as iTunes to use. However, the MP3s work fine in iTunes and on the iPod or other MP3 player. AFAICT, the free downloads do not expire, even if you leave. (I'll know that soon enough.)

I got some great dance/electronic tracks, plus two of the early Deep Purple albums (Shades, Taliesyn), Ray Charles Genius Loves Company, Kirk Whalum's Babyface Songbook, Johnathan Butler's Johnathan and the brand new Conjure One Extraordinary Ways.

03-05-2006, 10:41 AM
I collect live audio shows and was directed to this site by a close friend of mine:


You have to be a little computer savvy and install decode s/w (Flac for example) but it is well worth it. I have found many artists I would have never got to listen to (or see live, as this as made me go find them when they are in my area).:D

Many are both uncompressed wave and MP3 as well!


03-01-2008, 01:04 PM
stay away from the mp3, try etree. some nice audience and soundboard recording comeing off of there. check some of the recent wilco recording , excellent