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10-13-2003, 12:01 AM
I'm in the need of some advice. My friend gave me a pair of empty Altec 1215a cabs. I'm trying to get info on what subs would work really well in them. Most of the music that get played on my system is mostly Hip/Hop, Reggae, R&B, & a little techno.
So mainly I'm looking to get alot of output out of this thing. Sound quality is important but loudness is more. I would really like to see a F3 of atleast 40HZ.

I'm fairly new to the PA world......but it has always has been an interest to me. My background is car audio, which is another planet LOL.

I did some research and found out that the original sub that went into that cab was a 421-8h. Even if I could track this sub down....its only capable of 150watts. The specs can be found here


I'm trying to find a sub that will give me a good response and some crazy output. I'm currently planning to power them with a Yamaha p4500 which will put out about 2000watts @ 4ohms bridged. So if I can get a pair of high power subs to with that amp, it would be ideal.

I would think I would be able to take the specs from the Altec 421-8h and try to match them as close as I can to find a decent sub.

If not what kind of formula do u suggest to go about picking the right sub to go in that cab?

FS, QTS, VAS ??? Cabs internal size??

I hear a low fs & qts is good for a horn loade cab.....but what exactly is a low #??

Building a folded horn cab is not my thing, having a hard time understanding to even design one. .....but I'm learning!!

I really appreciate anyones input good or bad.


Mr. Widget
10-13-2003, 12:20 AM
Try 4 of these and call me in the morning.:D


Seriously, if you are in a position to build your own cabinets, get (4) 2242H 18" woofers and build them into (4) 8-10 cu ft enclosures tuned to 35Hz or so and you will have plenty of deep powerful bass.

These are called cinema sub woofers, but they will hip hop too.

10-13-2003, 03:48 PM
Thanks for ur input Mr. Wiget......but not going to build any more cabs for 18's.....I'm going to build some labs in the future, that will be the only woodworking I will be doing in a long time.

So in my venture to find the right subs for this box I have found these subs:





Which subs do u think will work best????

OOO and here are the specs from the original sub that was designed for this enclosure:

XMAX - .05
RE - 5.5
VD - 6.4
FS - 31.5
VAS - 12.8
REF - 4.3
QTS - .25
QMS - 2.6
QES - .27
VID - .20