View Full Version : GoldWave Digital Audio Editor

10-10-2003, 08:16 AM
A terrific product I've used for over 5-yrs, and thought I'd toss it into the mix, here in case it's of use to anyone.

GoldWave - Link (http://www.goldwave.com/)

A fantastic, quite affordable, easy to learn and use two-channel digital audio editor. Really quite astonishing, IMHO.

I've used it on final mix on 2-track live recordings of my band in preparation for burning to CD-R, and to digitize old vinyl recordings, removing troublesome pops and clicks - easy to do by Zooming the wave file and cutting-out the offending wave-form. You won't believe what you can do. Many, many other capabilites, too.

GoldWave's got trial version on the web, and the full version is downloadable, too. Updates are free, and on-going support is simply astounding.

Plus, it's from Canada, like our esteemed Forum Founder! So it must be good! ;)

(NB: I have no commercial interest in GoldWave and am not conflicted in any way)

Here's a view of the main screen, showing two, two-channel wave files opened, with the highlighted area being edited.