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02-06-2006, 12:35 PM
I saw your site on the web and read that you have extensive experience with JBL speakers. I have a pair of these speakers and they are housed in 8 cubic ft. boxes as recommended by JBL when I built them in the early 70's. They sound amazing and just never die. The only drawback is the immense enclosure. When all I had was a sofa and a stereo, they were great. Now, they take up an awful lot of space and I would like to retain the drivers and crossovers and put them in a smaller box. JBL told me that any box between 4 and 12 cubic ft. would work fine when I built them. Do you know what other JBL speaker models used the 030 system? I would like to find a set of suitable enclosures that don't occupy one fourth of my living room! I have looked at purchasing smaller speakers, but everything I listen to that sounds comparable to these old JBL's is thousands of dollars. Any information you can give me on speaker models that used the 030 system would be IMMENSELY appreciated. I can be reached at bigdinla1@msn.com Thanks very much!

02-06-2006, 12:39 PM
Check out some of the catalogs in the Library.
They are free and there aren't any fees for late returns.




Look up the D130 in the chart:



02-06-2006, 04:33 PM
The data on the port sizes is a little sketchy, but I am amassing info and hopeful of coming up with a plan to use for new boxes. I was clued in by another member to the C36 and C38 enclosures. The upright model looks like it might be the way to go. If I can sort out all of the build info, I might go with those. I'm thinking if I can build them out of plywood with a birch veneer or something, I could come up with some accepatble furniture and gain a LOT of space. Thanks again!! Regards, Duffy:blink: "so much to grok....."