View Full Version : L100 and horns

02-04-2006, 08:26 AM
there is an article of Edgar in SB about JBL LE5-2 in 300 Hz tractrix horn, and he suggests that if one adds simply this horn to L100 monitors (4311 etc) and turns lower the Lpad it will be much better.

Has anyone made such horn?

I am also interested in new crossover design with LE5-2 and Edgar horn considering the same set of drivers (123A1 and LE5-2). The horn works down to 400-500 Hz and it would be reasonable to change the original crossover.

Next, i have LE20-1 (which I love together with others LE5-2 and 123a1), but the question is: LE50-1 also has very rigid cone, why not put it into horn? Edgars point is the driver must have the rising responce (which is not the case with LE20-1). But what if we make the horn with quite high frequency which will add at 7-10 kHz and above?