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01-10-2006, 08:42 AM
Purchase a pair of L-110's in 1978, my first JBL's, lost them to the girlfriend in 1981, hooked up with her in 2000 after my divorce (quick fling) and was able to comfort them again (oh, the flower pot stains, the dimpled dust covers etc., painful !).
One of my best friends from childhood ended up marrying her sister. When we got together in 2000, wound up re starting our friendship (long distance by phone, Christmas cards etc.).
I called him last spring and he mentioned the ex girlfriend was moving in with a new lover. I spotted some nice L-110 new old stock grills on ePay, called him and asked him if he thought my "ex" might be interested in them. Over the months after some LE111's appeared also on ePay - it was killing me that my "first loves" were so out of reach. Mentioned to him that it was too bad that these things were going on ePay, rare finds, and she should call me if she had any interest in them - I would bid on them and send them to her (of course you have figured out by now my real intentions !). Around Thanksgiving my friend calls me and says "by the way, your old L-110's are sitting here in front of me, when she moved (the "ex") she had no room for them and she asked if we could store them at my house (can you sense I'm moving in for the kill now LOL ?).
So close but yet so far ! At some point after Thanksgiving the sister calls me and says "I want these out of here, they are in the way so I called my sister and she says you (me)can have them if you want - sensing a "too good to be true" scenario I was wary but enthused. To get them would mean a 300 mile round trip also. Just before Christmas the "ex" herself calls me and says "my sister wants them out of her house, I don't have space for them now, so if you want them, they're yours". I try not to sound too thrilled as I don't trust women with stereo components - they know the power they have over you !
I sez "yeah, ok, I'll get them out of there, maybe the kids would like them for the basement". My mom lives within a 45 min. drive to where they are sitting. I planned on seeing my mom after Christmas. I rent a car, drive straight to my friends first. he wants to BS and go over "old times". I don't see the speakers, he doesn't mention them. I'm still feeling like this ain't going to happen - as we talk my eyes roam around the house - I don't see them. Finally we get on the subject of "health" and we compare bad backs. I bring up that I hope we can get the speakers out to the car without one of us putting our back(s) out - "if I remember correctly, they weigh about 50 - 75 lbs. ?". He says "I don't know, my son carried them in for us". This is TORTURE ! We are still sitting at the kitchen table and he seems to have no interest in showing them to me ! Drinking his coffee, smoking cigarettes and re hashing old times ! Finally I just say "why don't we go see how heavy they are ?". he says "oh, ok, they're right in my sons bedroom" - some relief ! We go in, there they are. Strike while the irons hot ! I pick one up and say "not too bad - if you get the door I think I can get it out to the car right now". One down. Directly back in for #2. A minute later they're both in the backseat ! My moms waiting for me to arrive - has dinner ready, its getting dark and I have a 40 minute ride over to her place. he still wants to BS - anything I say leads to another "old story". Any other time I'd probably enjoy the talk - now I want to get on the road and disappear into the ozone. 2 days later, they are safe and sound in my house (this past Sunday night). I have to get to bed - work on Monday. The surrounds are completely gone on the LE111A's but I have to hear if I get sound from both. Down come the L-112's. I put on some light music, low volume and wow ! Even with no bass they sound great ! The imaging blows away the L-112's I got off ePay a couple of months back ! While I'm listening I rub a little "Liquid Gold" oover the faded cabs. and they look almost new ! I can't believe I passed on the ePay grills, apparently someone's cat got to these. Well, tried to make a long story short here 'cause I have to get to work. I also have some work to do on these. I have to get going on these LE111A's - already sprung them from the cabs. Trying to learn here if they need just foams or re cone - send them out or do myself ? More to come I'm sure...
I'm still amazed on how much better the imaging is over the L-112's. Any thoughts ? Off to work here...
After 25 years I have them back ! :bouncy:

01-10-2006, 09:38 AM
congrats & what a great story.

And what will power!

I guess it's true what they say,
you never forget your first love.

01-10-2006, 03:29 PM
The woofs probably just need a refoam. Do a search and you'll get Rick Cobbs email addy, so that you may order a kit. A couple of ways to test em (and others might disagree). Push very gently in the center of the woofer domes and see if they move freely. Secondly, do a DC resistance check on the input terminals of the woofers. Should read less than 10 ohms, but shouldn't be open.

Good luck and good deal!:p

01-10-2006, 06:51 PM
Hi again,

Thanks for the responses. I've read the "how to" threads enough times that I think I have all the steps to a re-foam job committed to memory. I think I'm up for it ! I will contact the gentleman you've recommended for the supplies. I have to tell you all, if you don't know already, Liquid Gold works miracles on old cabs ! I "discovered" it when I originally purchased these in the late 70's. When I got them to moms I really thought I was going to have to re laminate them - cat like scratches that seemed too deep for a quick fix, faded to next to nothing. If you can see them now after 2 quick applications ! Before you go through a laborious re finish (unless you have a passion for it) give this stuff a try ! I can live with the couple of dings they have 'cause the rest of the cabs look so nice ! Maybe when I retire ? I'm trying to understand the "caps" upgrade I've read about here. Also, the dented (severely)
dust caps/domes do not seem to make a bit of difference in the sound ! Is this possible ? Can the 033's still sound proper with a smashed in dome ? I did give a very gentle nudge, dead center, on the 111A's. They sprang back very firm - is this a good sign or no sign at all ? I photoshopped the pics of an "exploded" speaker from this site. Trying to learn the parts - I think I know what the "spider" is - clay colored disk at ontop of the magnet ? Not sure what to look/feel for though (?). Also, I bought the L-112's (right after the L-40's) when my lust for the L-110's was rekindled. I figured "they aren't my damn L-110's but, hey, they are a step up". 110 to 112 right ? The 112's might have better bass (don't know until I re foam the 111A's to A/B them) but the imaging ? No comparison ! I have an old AR as a center for my surround that sits right on top of my TV/entertainment center. When I got the L-110's home as I said, down came the 112's. I had my son sit in the "Memorex" standard position, but on a compilation CD of some old crooners and asked my son if he could tell if the center channel was working. He said, hell ya dad, it sounds as if the guy is standing dead center in the room singing into a mic. (in other words about 6' height - 2 feet above speaker). He heard the various parts of the orchestra panned across the living room. I had him walk over to the center channel and put his ear up to it -
"Dad, the speakers not working now, loose wire ?". "No son, that speaker isn't even hooked up to the amp that's playing this music". Another JBL convert ! "These will all be yours someday son !". LOL ! Why the hell don't the 112's
image/project like the 110's ? Even with dented 033's !
Anybody ?

01-10-2006, 06:54 PM
Was that suppossed to be the "Maxell" guy ?

01-10-2006, 07:11 PM
OK, I hooked up the probes from a RS digital directly into the spring clip for the +/- wires. Set it to K and the sign for ohm
(squiggly U) and a "K". does this sound chick like ot what LOL ? No offense "chicks" ! One reading at about a 6 and the other a 7 on the 111A's - never got a steady reading, back in forth between 5.8 to 6.1 to 5.9 etc. Does this sound right LOL Help ! Yes, I' a 'newbie" although I bought my first JBL's in '78. Be gentle with me please - :confused:

01-11-2006, 04:42 AM
There maybe something wrong with your 112's. I have two pair of 112's and they do a great job of imaging.

01-11-2006, 06:20 AM

Damn if I can figure it out though. I read about "location" - pulled them out more into the room away from walls - still liked the L-40's better ! Overall, for hi volume listening, the 112's are great. I guess the next thing is to take them apart and test everything individually. Sweat equity - I got them pretty cheap. On one of the 033's in my 110 I noticed what I thought was red anil polish. Looked at it with a magnifying glass and it's actually the black coating peeling off and it appears to be red underneath. I've yet to hear them at higher volume due to the woofers needing re foam but, at low volume at least, I can't hear any distortion etc., caused by the dimpled domes. What would be the most likely cause of the poor imaging with the L-112's ?

01-11-2006, 06:25 AM
that is truely a great story. i love hearing about jbls making their way back into the proper hands after being mistreated

01-11-2006, 09:16 AM
I'd go through the polarity of the drivers. All it takes is one miswire & imaging is toast.

Go to the JBL site www.jbl.com
Navigate to product support
Scroll to L112 (120V), click on Submit
Click on Owners Manual to get L112om.pdf
Check out the last page.

(or just go here)


01-11-2006, 05:24 PM
Thanks grumpy - will do ! :bouncy: