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09-24-2003, 11:49 PM
Hi Folks,

I'm new in this forum and would like to say "Hi" to everybody!

I got a pair of Lancer 77, and I'm planning to make real wood enclosures for her. I got the problem is I don't know how to measure the diemensions and driver location/diameter precisely?

Anybody got the layout diagram? Pls kindly send it to me at derek_shek@hongkong.com.

Thanks so much!

Mr. Stone:banghead:

09-26-2003, 06:11 PM

:wave: Welcome! Initiation fees are typically one pair of L77's (funny you shoul ask... :rotfl: )

Anyway, I'm a bit confused (and latte - been travelling). Maybe you're flooded with emails, but...

The L77's have real wood enclosures, of MDF or particle board as it is preferred acoustically for speaker enclosures. You can vary from this, but at your SONIC RISK Just kidding...

There's some stuff here on enclosures, and on the Heritage site, too. Use the Search button, or reply for more clues...

And, do you have L77's your replacing, or the components are are trying to house... :confused: If the former, you could measure it, and the baffle cutout dimensions are within the plans on the Heritage site (look carefully for the LE10A).
Again, reply if you're baffed :D by it all...

09-26-2003, 10:55 PM
Hi boputnam,

Thanks for your reply!

Bingo! Lancer 77 is my 1st JBL speaker!

The reason I want to replace the enclosure, as the original one is pretty old. Most importantly, I (actually my girl friend) found a spider is resident in the baffle......and already setup a big apartment (net).....so have to replace the original enclosure if not my girl friend will kill me!!

Help! Help!

Mr. Stone


09-27-2003, 11:19 AM
Originally posted by mrstone
Bingo! Lancer 77 is my 1st JBL speaker! I (actually my girl friend) found a spider is resident in the baffle......

Hey, MrStone...

I worry less about the spider - he's doing his job - than I do about the transducer surrounds and spider! Are they all original, too? :shock: If so, first things first - we need to get you on the road to either a resurround, or reconing (if kits for the LE10A exist...). Surrounds aren't so hard, and there's a DIY step-by-step here on the forum ;) - you'll need to do both the LE10 and the PR10.

I've refinished a couple-a-pair of L77's and they turnout beautiful. I even switched top-for-bottom the LE10/PR10 in one of the cabinets to give me mirror imagine. I felt the richness of the old walnut veneer couldn't be beat. There's hints here, and on Heritage site for this DIY, too.