View Full Version : Altec 288 vs. JBL 2440

12-22-2005, 03:43 PM
Just found some graphs that directly compare an Altec 288 to a JBL 2440. Both comp. drivers are mounted on the same 329A horn.
There are other graphs that show the response for each driver in a 2"
plane-wave tube.

The response of the 288 extends out further past 10KHz than the JBL in both the horn and the tube. When you compare only the plane-wave tube graphs, the JBL seems to really fall away fast below 500 Hz compared to the Altec.

Overall, the 288 appears to have a wider frequency response than the JBL.

Here's my question: You can't say one driver is better than another just by comparing the graphs. Anyone got any experience with these drivers? How did they compare? Obviously, the horn they're bolted to is a factor.
That's why I found these charts so interesting............