View Full Version : Reoiling Walnut Cabinets

12-13-2005, 03:16 PM
Today I dropped by the local hardware store and picked up some boiled linseed oil and pure gum terpentine, mixed it 1/4 terpentine, 3/4 linseed oil and applied it to my L300 cabinets with a piece of cloth from an old black cotton t shirt. After letting the mixture sit for about a half hour I wiped it off with a clean/dry piece of black cotton t shirt. This is the same mixture JBL used to oil the cabinets at the factory and it was noted in the older owners manuals re care of the cabinet finish. I'll let it sit overnight and add another coat in the morning but so far the cabinets look excellent with a very low luster and the grain pattern highlighted. If I remember correctly it was recommended to do the simple process at least once a year to keep the walnut veneer looking its best. The cost of the boiled linseed oil and pure gum terpentine was about $12 plus tax and should be sufficent for a lifetime of reoiling.