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11-06-2005, 07:29 AM
Please be advised JBL does not sanction refoams and I am not a reconner. With cone kits at the current prices it is an attractive alternative.

Just posting this so any of you don't make the same mistake I made:banghead: . I had an LE14A I was refoaming and was very difficult to get centered. Coundn't figure out why as the spider,cone and driver looked brand spanking new. Tried the recenter with 30Hz trick but I was very, very sensitive and any movement was enough to get it to buzzzzz. So I did a wet refoam where it's all wet at the same time so I could tilt the cone and shift placement on the surround. I am sure you Pro's are cringing as you read this!. So it takes me a couple of hours of nursing the driver but it works and it is clean with a sinewave. The next morning I drop into one of my sub boxes to make sure it's good with some power into it and it's noisey???? I have a tick and rub noise at higher excursions. I am looking for loose sections where it's attached to the frame and cone. Can't find a thing?? It's not terrible and you can't hear it with program running and only with the subs on, but I know it's not right and am about to rip it out. Then I realize I didn't use enough glue to firmly attach the edge of the cone to the surround. I drop a bead of glue between the surround and the edge and it goes away!!:applaud:


11-06-2005, 07:57 AM
"I drop a bead of glue between the surround and the edge and it goes away!!":applaud: All's well that ends well. It just shows to go 'ya, where there's a will, there's a way. Thanks for the heads-up on "Use enough Glue". Soon I'll be doing a pair of 2214H's with R. Cobbs finest. I'm anxious to hear them when finished. Can you say MATCHED DCR...

11-07-2005, 09:00 AM
I just last week had this same occurance. I have found that listening close-up to the edge while using a 15 HZ signal will reveal poorly attached cone/surround areas. You hear a "tic, tic, tic..." Get your ear about 1 or 2 inches away and you can localize the problem quickly, and apply a bit more adhesive to the offending area, and it's fixed...I have now done about 70 re-surrounds at this time. RE.