View Full Version : 122A-1 and 122A sonicly equivelent?

10-26-2005, 12:16 PM
I found a pair of 122A-1s to replace my 122As. Just wondering if replacing the 122As with 122A-1s would change anything. Sorry if this question is... pathetic.

Earl K
10-26-2005, 12:46 PM
- If the price is right , I would recommend buying the pair of 122a-1 woofs .

- BTW, your question is a reasonable one . And I feel it's best to replace different speaker models as pairs .
- I'd be somewhat wary of mixing a 122A with a 122A-1 ( though maybe it's no big deal ) .

- According to the archives ( I've never seen, nor heard these models ) the difference between the two is ;

(i) The earlier 122A has an aquaplassed™ cone ( to increase cone mass and drive down the Fs, "free air resonance" ).
(ii) The 122A-1 doesn't have an aquaplassed™ cone but instead has a mass ring added ontop of the voice-coil former to give the cone assembly the added weight , needed to arrive at its Fs.

- These two mass loading approaches should have slightly different voicings in the midrange , which is why I'd recommend the substitution be done to both speakers .