View Full Version : LE-20-1 in L100 with simple X-over

10-17-2005, 04:41 AM

What You guys will say about using LE20-1 insread of LE25-2 in later model L100 with simple X-over? Is it reasonable? I never listen to any of them and now have to select. LE20-1 looks more serious on the picture and has big alniko magnet...


10-17-2005, 07:29 AM
the late model L100 has a simple 6db/octave 1st order slope @ 6K
the early model L100 (serial numbers prior to 19000) has a 12db/octave 2nd order slope @ 7.5K
the LE-25 has a higher frequency range which is the main reason it superceded the LE-20
the early L100, line array IMO has the best phase coherence of all 4 models pro and consumer, and after trying out different HF units in the box, I believe that the LE-5/LE-20 combination at that crossover point, is the only box that has a near seamless interface...but, it rolls off at 10K.