View Full Version : 1715C input wiring

10-14-2005, 11:59 AM
I have a Model 1517C Altec Lansing amp.

The input has 6 channels, each with 5-screw terminals, no plugs.

These 5 screws are just numbered 1 to 5 , and are placed in a circle formation.

Does anyone know what do you connect to which terminal?

Appatrently this thing was made in the late 80's


Earl K
10-14-2005, 12:36 PM
- Look Here (http://alteclansingunofficial.nlenet.net/proelectronics/rackmixeramplifiers/) for a bunch of pdf info on the 1715C "system" and the available plugin modules .

- You'll see the 1715C is a 6-channel modular mixer/amplifier . Looks to be a typical Altec "all-in-one" install "solution" .
- The optional input/output modules dictate what those 5 connection points will be wired up to.
- ( "Best Guess" without a lot more knowledge is; " balanced input & output sharing a common ground" / that equates to the 5 line-level connection points per channel )