View Full Version : Coil coolers

Alex Lancaster
09-10-2003, 03:36 PM
Not for beer.

I had the opportunity of looking at a 24" Hartley, which is a strange unit indeed, it looks like a "daddy long legs" spider, with the 24" dia. and the small magnet, it uses round copper wire in a 1.5" aluminum thin wall tube, about .015" thick, which extends to the plane of the rim, this acts as a shorted turn in the winding, but compared to the # of turns, the relation is very small.

After 4 hours of Pink Floyd the tube got warm, so evidently it is conducting heat away from the coil.

The point is; Some time one of us will recone a 4" VC unit, use an aluminum dome down about where it goes and measure the temp. that will be interesting, and I will post results.

Meanwhile, please let's have opinions.

Thanks: Alex