View Full Version : Auditioning LSR6332 (and others) on the West Coast

10-01-2005, 12:41 PM
I'm am trying to hear a good cross section of studio monitors for near and mid-field use in a medium size room.

Whereas many of the speakers I would like to include are not stock items at the typical outlets, perhaps a viable option would be to find owners that would allow one to make a listening visit. I would expect to compensate for the opportunity. ...say +/- a-hundred miles of the Sacramento area?

LSR6332 (vs. 6328 that are local stock)
Adam S3A
K&H 300D

While the K&H and Adams are a bit too pricey ($5-6k), I would like to include them as I simply will not know until I get my feet wet. And I am certainly open to other suggestions.
Thank you for your consideration.

Wayne Smith