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09-17-2005, 05:40 PM
Now that Iím optimistically confidant Iíve secured two cabinets to mount four 2225ís, I want to explore other possible upgrade (?) paths.

My current system is comprised of 1 2245, 2 2225ís, 2 2202ís, all mounted in separate JBL theater cabinets (2 Ĺ, 5 & 8 cubic feet I believe). 2 2425/2370ís and 2 2404ís in conjunction with a 3102 high pass network (Iíve got it running in parallel with the 2425ís). Everything is 8 ohm and was purchased new in/around a 1984/85 timeframe. Crossover functions are handled by a Rane AC23 and a BX63 for a 4 way system (sort of, 3-way stereo plus mono sub).

The Plan:
Iíve have two each (purchase used) 2225ís and 2235ís waiting to be used. Iíll load the 2225ís into the new dual cabinets and the 2235ís into the newly emptied 5 cu. Ft. cabinets.

The questions:
Q1. Does it make sense to move up to something like a 2446? Iíve never auditioned any of the 4 inch compression drivers but used prices seem pretty reasonable these days.

Q2. Would it be better to procure another AC 23 to run the 2235ís in a stereo 4-way system? Zilch has confirmed I can run them off the BX63. My preamp has two pre outs so I could still run the 2245 off the BX63.

Q3. Edited and respectfuly withdrawn.

Just for the heck of it:
Q4 Can I run another pair of 2404ís in parallel off the 3102ís? Iím assuming I can but I donít have any facts to back it up.

Q5. What do people use for a crossover for 2405ís? I know I could go electronic but Iím just about amped out here.

BTW, I would like to thank all the members who took the time to respond to my previous posts.

It may not be pretty but its music to my ears.

Ian Mackenzie
09-17-2005, 07:05 PM

Sounds like you are having fun....use your ears to guide your direction.

About the 2446, never used them but it would make sense if you were keen on Smith horns or the bigger Bi radials and they will stand a better chance of keeping up with the rest of the sysem.

If I read you correctly the 2202 are your mid cone drivers going up to say 1100hz?

You could have the 2225s from 80-250, the 2202 from 250- 1000, the 2446s from 1000- 4500, the 2425s from 4500-9000 and you ring radiators above that...I bit like Dew Daniels.

So perhaps you could setup the likes of a Westlake system and model your ideas around that...there are some nice mini Smith horns being made in other threads that might go well with those 2425s

The 2405 use a 3rd order network with a L Pad, usually a 1uf film capacitor, a o.16 hm choke to ground then a series 1.5 uf film capacitor and then a L Pad before the 2405.

Hope this helps wth some of your questions. If you can post a simple diagram it would make explanation of you proposed configuration easier to interpret.

The New Doctor

09-17-2005, 11:19 PM
Hello Ian,

I am having fun. My system has served me faithfully for the last twenty years and provided a great deal of enjoyment. I havenítí heard anotherís persons home system that was comparable (unfortunately :( ).
I hadnít considered Smith horns. I was looking at 2382ís ala Drew. Aha, another option. You are dead right about the 2202ís. My crossover frequencies are set at 63 Hz, 300 Hz and 1100 Hz.
I didnít know what to with the 2425ís if I got a pair of 2446ís, figuring on doing a one for one swap. There is a pair of AC23ís out for bid right now. I was going to go after one of them, now I think Iíll try for both thus allowing me to use all six compression drivers.
Eventually I will get around to obtaining a pair of ultra high frequency drivers and when I do Iím going to need a lot of help as the only thing I have ever soldered is copper pipe.


Ian Mackenzie
09-18-2005, 01:54 AM
Serious fire power.

Yep another AC 23 at least in the short term for sure.

The crossover for the Rings is simple...Pm me if you want a hand.

My only thougtht is the 2425's will be pushed if you intend to drive the system at full steam. I would keep them for the 4.5 - 9 k as a rainy day project otherwise do the swap.