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09-05-2003, 08:30 AM
Hi everybody,

today i get two 2235 reconed from K140 basket.

'til today i run my system with 2 2226J each in a 5 cu feet tunned to 40 Hz.
For the mid's i use a 2450 with the SL-diaphragma on a 2360 horn. For the high frequencies i use a 077. Crossoverfrequencies are 500 Hz and 9000 Hz.

Now my questions:

Is it possible to use the 2235A in this setup?

Is it possible to run one 2226 with one 2235A for the bottom?
If yes: What crossover frequency between 2235 and 2226?

And lots of more questions.....

Best regards


09-05-2003, 09:05 AM
Thanks Giskard,

I think, that is the best solution, but i have a room-problem ( my wife ). I think, she will cry, if i put another "refrigerator" in our livingroom

What do you think about: one 2235 up to 50 - 80 Hz ( using the house of the second 2226), one 2226 from 50 - 80 Hz.

If this is a good solution, what tuning for the 2226?
And can you give me a crossover-schematic for this?

Another question:

One 2235 per side in the house of the 2226 without 2226?
Or better two 2235 per side, using the houses of the 2226?

Thanks in advance


09-05-2003, 09:20 AM
Sure, but i love her and i don't like her crying.

I have four 2226, two at each side.

Yes, is it possible to go one 2226J and one 2235A per channel?

or is it better to go only with two 2226 on each side?

At this time i don'want to go active, i need another amp a active crossover. Perhaps later, when i hve enough $$$.


09-05-2003, 09:57 AM
I don't understand "I'd be inclined to stick with the dual 2226J."
Does it mean, it is better to go with the dual 2226?
Yes, each 2226J have it's own 5.0 cubic foot volume.

Thank you for your efforts.


Mr. Widget
09-05-2003, 10:31 AM
If you use a 2226 and a 2235 one each per channel, you will need to pad down the 2226 as it is more efficient than the 2235. If you go active you can balance them more effectively. I am not sure you need the 2226s at all. I would try the 2235 in one of your 5 cu ft boxes per channel. Lower the tuning to 28Hz. This will require lengthening the port or blocking a port if you have multiples.

Don't forget to allow the "new" 2235 to break in a day or two before you make any critical listening decisions.

09-05-2003, 11:32 AM
Mr. Widget,

please can you tell me, how to pad down the 2226. I know this for Mids and highs ( two resistoer (one parallel and one in series ) Is it the same for the 2226?
If i understand you right, i don't need any 2226? Only the 2235 for the bass?
Sure, i will try!


Mr. Widget
09-05-2003, 11:48 AM
Yes the padding would be the same except don't forget the wattage. You will be pumping a heck of a lot more power through the 2226 if it is used as a mid bass driver than you would through a tweeter.

I would definitely try the system without any 2226. You may find that the 2226 is unnecessary or even adds unwanted coloration.

Alex Lancaster
09-05-2003, 01:17 PM
Dieter, You have most of what You need to build a kind of 4350 system:

Sell the 2226īs, they are sound reinforcement, not HiFi.
Buy 2 2235H's
" 2 2202īs
" 2 3107 x-overs from the JBL Pro tent sale, they still have some at $77 each, including shipping to anywhere in the US.

And then You will need another amp, about 1/2 the power of Your present one, and a used electronic xover.

That will make You a High end system for many Years.


09-05-2003, 02:29 PM
I agree with Mr. Widget. There is no need for the 2226s. The 2235s easily go to 500 Hz with a nice, flat response. Sell the 2226s, buy two 2235s and you've got a great bottom-end.

Yes the 2226s have more dynamic range, but if you mix 2226s and 2235s, tune the system flat, and really use the 2226s to their full power, the 2235s will have already blown, since they don't handle as much power, nor are they as efficient. Don't worry four 2235s have more than enough SPLs for most any home system. (I run just two.)

The bottom line: the 2226s don't go deep, and they won't improve a system with 2235s.

The nice thing is that the 5 cu cabs fit the 2235 perfectly. You just need to re-tune them to 30 Hz or so. No new boxes.

Mr. Widget
09-05-2003, 02:56 PM
Originally posted by JonFairhurst
No new boxes.

You could run for president on that platform. :D

You would definitely have the women's vote sewn up!

09-05-2003, 03:08 PM
The full line is (refering to my avitar):

"Read my cheeks. No new boxes."

And to paraphrase Gephardt from last night's debate: "This president's soundsystem is a miserable failure."

Please send your campaign contributions to my Paypal account, or direct to my house, if in the form of vintage JBL drivers.

[But I digress... Go for the 2235s without the 2226s.]

09-06-2003, 04:15 AM
Thank you for all your answers!

Do you have any recommendations for the crossover?

for only one 2235, and for two 2235 in paralell. Crossover sould be 500-600 Hz.

I will test on weekend. :D