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Titanium Dome
09-12-2005, 09:23 AM
When we got the double posted thread "lost a leg in Iraq" or whatever it stated, I posted that I'd ask my brother to do some research into the claims made. While I may be skeptical of the claims of any administration when it comes to full disclosure to the public, I have far less trust in an anonymous post on the internet.

WARNING: My brother does not like President Bush. If you don't want to read criticism of him, THEN STOP NOW.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to represent my opinion, the opinions of members of this forum, or the opinion of anyone else but my brother. I am posting it because the research into the claims of the "lost a leg in Iraq" poster are important to anyone who might have been troubled by them. This man invaded our site with claims against our government.

I am NOT CENSORING my brother's words because I think you need to read his reply as it was written, so you can judge for yourself his findings and his bias. Again, if you're SUPER SENSITIVE ABOUT THE PRESIDENT, JUST DON'T READ IT. If you read it anyway, don't whine to me, because YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

Here's what my brother found out:

The guy who posted that message, 'michelcaro,' is apparently from Brazil, not our country! He posted that message on many different forums across various WEB sites. That is why his post was taken off from most of them. However, his post, is still on some because I did a search with the title "I'm a soldier who lost a leg in Iraq."

Here is what one moderator of a site wrote after other posters complained to him that michelcaro had posted the same message on a bunch of other sites:

"Gimme links. Let me see it posted verbatim on a few sites and this one will be closed and the poster warned as a spammer/troll whatever. While I am a veteran also, barely escaping Vietnam, I do have respect for those overseas fighting and sympathy for the wounded, I don't have any sympathy for spanners and trolls just out to stir up trouble. As this person's first and only post so far, I suspect it is just that. Show me and I'll put it in the Bit Bucket where it probably should already be."

Anyhow, it has been determined by most sites that:

"This is spam, plain and simple. This guy is logging on wherever he can, pasting this into a thread and moving on to the next one. It's gone to the Bit Bucket where I should have put it last night, I knew it soon as I looked at it, before ever even asking for confirmation. It SMELLED like spam..."

And another site:

"The identical post has been planted in quite a number of forums"

So that is probably the reason that he was pulled from your site. However, that does not mean that his message is all wrong because it is a spam and from a non-American, but you got to see a red flag, dude.

I checked out some of the what I thought were important references, death toll and cost of war:

The one by the CIA doesn't exist anymore:

CIA.555mb.com/ = doesn't exist claims error

Cost of War site was legit: 194 billion spent so far, this is already known though, and I think it is much higher, so nothing controversial there.

However, the war dead count is troubling. He claims that the
Press Reports on U.S. Casualties: About 17,000 short
Well I went to that WEB site, but you have to pay to enter it, however, I went to the sites Home WEB page and looked up free info in there search section: I found this note memo: Published: (August 11, 2005 10:30 PM ET "With the U.S. death toll in Iraq approaching 2,000, and a like number of grieving families, what were the odds that the one father I know personally in that mournful position would end up at Cindy Sheehan’s side in Crawford, Texas, this week?" So, dude, I don't know why one editor would claim 17,000 short (again I couldn't get in and read that article cause have to pay) and another in the same WEB site says 2,000. That is fishy to me. Also michelcaro should have stated that I had to pay to get in.

Then I went to another site that he recommended: It was Jim Lampen's WEB site, and Jim said that he went to a WEB site ( TBRNews) that stated shrubs is covering up the total, it should be 9,500. Anyhow, Jim said he didn't know if this was the truth though and asked his readers to check it out. Well, they did and there must have been 50 or so responses, and it took me an hour to read them all.

Anyhow the guy that created that WEB site is a neo Nazi! Examples of Posts:

'TBRNews is TOTAL CRAP NEWS! TBR stands for The Barns Review, which is a Neo-Nazi, Holocaust Denier organization. Their mission is deceptive information that LOOKS like Inside Info. We figured this out here a few months ago at Democratic Underground.com. Sorry.'

Of course DU is associated with Buzzflash which I belong to, and they dislike shrubs more than anyone, but they don't want it to be based on lies.

Another example from a writer:

"Jim, this claim has previously been debunked on dailykos. Here's the link:


Other people wrote similar comments to Jim Lampen and asked him to end the discussion sine the guy is a racist and hates Jewish people.

Another representative message out of the 50 or more:

"We in the liberal blogosphere need to stay reality based because that is what distinguishes us from the wingnut freepers over at powerline and other places. The 1700 plus soldiers that have been killed is bad enough, and we don't need to exaggerate the reality of this horrible situation to make our case against this evil President"

A lot of people used logic in disputing the numbers, this one was the shortest:

"This does seem unlikely verging on impossible because thousands of friends and family members of the dead would have noticed if Ted Koppel didn't read their soldier's name on his Memorial Day show...or if the names didn't turn up in the official lists published in newspapers. They would have been raising hell long ago, you'd think"

One person told Jim that he even contacted the guy:

"I contacted this guy three months back and asked for corroboration. He was strangely mute. One would think if he were legitimately reporting such a profound revelation he would be extremely forthcoming with the proof.

First "reporter" I've ever encountered that didn't want to substantiate his story...."

Anyhow, many people didn't believe the guy, but some did because they know shrubs has lied about many other things and that this would be possible, but they didn't trust this Nazi guy, especially since he is unable to explain where he got the number and back it up. And people who don't believe the guy felt that Shrub would do something like this if he could get away with it, but they doubt that shrubs could get away with so they are unsure. Some did believe the number, although they felt the guy was a racist and liar because he is wrong about everything else, and a bigot, but maybe not be wrong about this, but he needs to provide the data to back it up in my view. So, unless this guy can do it, I don't see how we can believe him, let alone trust him. But since shrubs is a liar and will do just about anything for his benefit, I'll keep an eye on this topic. However, people haven't written anything on that forum since June, so I'll need to go somewhere else. But probably, the current figure is correct since it would be hard to hide such a large number of deaths without families becoming outraged that their loved ones weren't mentioned. And I know that Cindy Sheehan would be on this if true, but she is asking a different question.

09-12-2005, 01:06 PM
Thanks for the follow-up. Shrub:blink: or Shrubs:blink: :blink: :rotfl:

Titanium Dome
09-12-2005, 01:28 PM
Heh, yeah, I don't know where the extra "s" comes in. :confused:

09-13-2005, 06:20 AM
I appreciate the post although I could give a crap about the politics or his take on what he considers legit about the post. Once determined it was misrepresentation, That was all I needed to know :D I saw your warning but am reminded of the days when my family would drive by a car wreck when I was very young.....don't look my folks would say.....yeah right!:)

The internet is a great place for gathering imformation. It's also a great place to pick up a lot of spam and misinformation. My internet world grows smaller everyday. Not because I choose to see less, I just choose to view what I see as credible to me.

09-13-2005, 07:20 AM
Poem of the year nomination.

My internet world grows smaller everyday.
I just choose to view what I see as credible to me.

09-13-2005, 01:29 PM
....but it don't rhyme. :p

Maron Horonzakz
09-14-2005, 06:01 AM
But it dont rhyme...Or reason.:D