View Full Version : Subs in 4612 Cabs

08-29-2005, 07:49 PM
You guys got me going now. I just bought am empty 4612 cab for the grill, corners and JBL logo as I bought my 'new' 4612's in tired condition and would like to detail them somewhat.

Zilch and Johneac are encouraging me to put a 15" driver in large cabinets with a plate amp. It sounds titilating and the search is on for components and cabinetry. But that's another story...

Is there anything I can do with a stripped-out 1.25 cu/ft cabinet other than boat anchor application? Would any 8-10-12" driver with a plate amp fill a low freq void for some stereo system? I bought a Paragon sub 2 yrs ago as part of a modestly priced college system for my son. He said it soared way above anything else in the dorm. And I've got another one ready to be shipped off to college soon. So can I build something quick and dirty that will match the $350-500 subs that are out there? Or should I just leave it to the professionals?