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08-25-2005, 11:33 PM
'Went over to visit a friend today at the recording studio where he's an engineer - FM Recorders in Oakland, CA.

The main control room has a pair of DMS-1's installed in the walls for mains, (stereo only - no center) - positioning was perfect from the console. They also have some JBL subs sitting on the floor, (I didn't look closely), but my friend prefers the DMS-1's without them. These DMS-1's were using the JBL ES52000 digital controller, with the crossover at 1K and 48 db/octave slopes! Crown MacroTechs were providing the power, with a total of over 2400 watts to each channel!

I didn't get much chance to listen to them, but what little I did hear really sounded great! From in front of the console, imaging was perfect! And definitely no need for subs, even at outrageous listening levels. The clarity was exceptional! Of course, the room has been totally fine tuned, (bass traps and all), and while there have been some concerns voiced here recently about pattern control issues with the 2332 horns, when they're set up for optimum imaging right at the console, I can't imagine anything else sounding a whole lot better! Unfortunately, I didn't check to see what they're using for EQ. :banghead:

The studio itself was designed by Chips Davis and even the control rooms are quite large. They also have a smaller control room in a smaller studio, utilizing JBL LSR 32's.

One interesting thing were some rotating assemblies in the main vocal room, (about 30' x 20'), to allow for adjustment of diffusion characteristics. They're like triangular "cylinders", about 18" on each side, that can be rotated to provide your choice of absorptive, diffuse, or reflected sound.

I've attached some pics that show the DMS-1's, and also those diffuser assemblies.

Anyway, because of sessions going on, I was only able to visit a short time, but I've got an open invitation to go over there again, only this time, armed with my CD collection. I can definitely attest to how well the DMS-1's can sound when they're properly set up!

BTW - my friend says he knows who currently has the original prototype DMS-1 speaker set used for testing/development at JBL, and that they may be up for sale soon, if anyone's interested. 'No idea on price...


Titanium Dome
08-26-2005, 08:23 AM
Thanks for the great pictures. It's neat to see the three-sided acoustical differentiators. I imagine there are a number of ways to fine tune the room with them.

I like seeing the ways engineers personalize their space, too, like the model car.

Ian Mackenzie
08-26-2005, 11:33 AM
Crips that is a Big studio, I'' bte the low end is somethin else,

Dang it, We need a Smart live Fr of those.