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Peter Kaae
08-12-2005, 08:58 AM
Hi, I have been thinking about making a set of speakers. Besides my set of L96s , I allso have a complete set of drivers with crossovers. Theese L96 are on my personal "jbl top3" speakers.
But, I was thinking about making a set of cabinets for theese drivers. The woofer is LE10H, newly reconed with orig. jbl kits.
This particular JBL woofer is quite amazing, and I have this feeling, that it could perform maybe even better with a slightly bigger cabinet, maybe 20-30% bigger in volume. I wonder if there is anyone who have tried it out?

08-12-2005, 10:06 AM
Ran the numbers in BassBox... here's the short answer:

I'd probably be inclined to use a box volume of not lower than 1.7 cubic feet, and not larger than 2.25 cubic feet.

If you decided to use the larger volume, you could build a box of the approximate proportions of the L80T... about 36" tall, 13" wide and 12" deep. For vent (31 Hz tuning), a 3" diameter vent, 6" long would work well.

I'd be inclined to duplicate the driver spacing and location of the L80T/L80T3... you can get a picture of one of those, from the spec archives here in the Lansing Library. Should work well for this configuration...

Of course, changing the cabinet shape like this, will probably require crossover re-tuning... maybe as subtle as just needing to adjust tweeter and midrange levels, maybe as extensive as changing both the woofer and midrange crossover component values, to compensate for the different baffle shape and driver location. However, I'd think that a good "happy balance" could be achieved... shouldn't be more than just some tuning.


Peter Kaae
08-13-2005, 12:01 AM
Gordon, thanks.
The l80t is quite easy to find, and not expensive here where I live, so Ill look into this.

08-13-2005, 06:30 PM
I'm finishing off a pair of 4313/L96 like clones in the near future. I've taken a few pictures of the construction, saving them for a DIY thread. There has been lots of forum intervention on these, everything from crossover acquisition to subenclosure design on behalf of the LE5s,
Right now I'm at the finishing stage, opting for a black laquer finish, mostly due to available resources ( I have the paint and a good spray gun ) These are a 2 cu ft enclosure design ( before subtracting the LE5 subenclosure) .
Once the project is complete, I'll post pics.
Here is a bassbox pro file ( compressed into zip format for the thread) showing the box dimensions, frequency response of the LE10H ( with the L96 network taken into account) subenclosure and vent size