View Full Version : JBL LE15A and Hornresp by McBean

07-29-2005, 02:40 PM
Hi ,

rebuilding a Paragon is a nice task, but it seems to be difficulty to get an adequate woofer.
I found a CRAAFT 15/400 LC and compared it with JBL LE15A using HORNRESP 8.10 by David J.McBean. Until now i could never compare results of this programm with real frequency responces - and i've never seen a frequency responce of a Paragon.

For the LE15A I choose 60 liters rear compression chamber volume (VRC), for the 15/400 LC 110 liters. I don't know the real volume in a Paragon.

1. Do you have experience with this programm, is it useful?
2. Are showing the digramms right results ? (first 2 attachments JBL, then CRAAFT)
3. Is the CRAAFT a good replacement of the JBL?

I would be happy about answers.